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Wire fencing Products

Mesh Fabricated Fencing

Plain Wire Fencing

Silvan Timber Supply Wire Products such as plain wire, barbed wire,
ring lock and all types of mesh. Any type of wire we can get it for you.

6/70/30670cm30cm200mtr/Hinge Joint/GalBoundary & Large stock
8/90/15890cm15cm100mtr/Hinge Joint/GalGoats, Pigs, Dogs
7/90/30790cm30cm200mtr/Hinge Joint/GalBoundary & Large stock
8/90/30890cm30cm200mtr/Hinge Joint/GalGoats, Sheep, Alpaca
8/1150/158115cm15cm100mtr/Hinge Joint/GalGoats, Sheep, Alpaca
11/1420/1511142cm15cm100mtr/Hinge Joint/GalPigs, Sheep, Alpaca
15/1550/1515155cm15cm100mtr/Farm Lock/Zinc AluEmu, Deer, Alpaca
17/190/1517190cm15cm100mtr/Farm Lock/Zinc AluEmu, Deer, Alpaca
19/183/1519183cm15cm60mtr/Lock Knot/GalEmu, Deer, Alpaca
high tensile barb wire

Barb Wire High Tensile

•Reverse twist style for optimum  

  strength and tensioning

•Strong and durable – made to the

  Australian Standard

•Not recommended for use in fire

  danger areas

  1.57mm x 500 meters

iowa barb wire

Barb Wire Iowa

• Strong and durable- made to the

   Australian Standard

• Cost-effective, continuous twist style

• Recommended for use in fire danger


  2.50mm x 400meters

Chicken netting

Silvan Timber stocks  Chicken Netting which is a strong and flexible netting with a wire diameter of 1.00mm and a standard hexagon aperture of 50mm. It is an all-purpose netting ideal for poultry yards, chicken coops, plant protection and garden trellising.

It is made from galvanised steel wire for strength and additional protection from the weather.

It comes standard in 50m packs.

Weld Mesh 30Meter Rolls.

Soft wire easy to handle suitable for containing smaller animals such as sheep chooks etc.

900 or 1200 high  100x100 squares or  50x75 squares 30m roll

1800 high 50x75 squares 30m roll

1200 or 1800 high staged spacings 30m roll

6mtr 1100x 5mm yard mesh panels.


Plain Fencing Wire

Gal, Zinc or Aluminium in stock

High Tensile or Medium Tensile

Galvanised Medium Tensile  2.5mm  x 300mtr

Galvanised High or Med Tensile 2.5mm x 15000mtr

Galvanised HT Growire  2.65mm x 1000mtr


Rabbit Wire Netting is the answer to unwanted vermin and animals entering your farm or garden and has the following quality features:

Reverse twist knot

Uniform 4cm mesh

Double selvedge wires

Easy roll out design

All wires are heavily galvanised for extended life.

Rabbit Netting Sizes

40mm Hole size X 1.4mm Diameter

Height: 300, 600, 900mm x 50mtrs

Height: 900 x 50 mtrs & 100mtrs

Height: 1050 x 50mtrs & 100mtrs

Height: 1200 x 50mtrs

Height: 1800 x 50mtrs