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Black Steel Star Pegs.

black star pickets
galvanised ster pickets
Code Length
SP 2400 2400 mm
SP 1800 1800 mm
SP 1650 1650 mm
SP 1200 1200 mm
SP 900 900 mm
SP 600 600 mm
SP 450 450 mm

Black Steel Star Pegs Flanged.

Black Steel star pegs (star posts) with pre drilled holes for fixing most types of wire fencing materials. Suit all uses, such as dividing fencing, barrier mesh, barb wire, plain wire, teporary fencing, formwork etc. We stock heavy duty black or galvanised posts.

Black Steel Star Pegs, single and double flanged, drilledwith 2 x 10mm diameter holes.For use with 200mm garden sleepers.

black star flanged pickets